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MyCoupons® was formed in 1995, and is the Internet’s oldest coupon, coupon code, and shopping forum related web site. MyCoupons team of ‘CouponPros’ scour the internet and work directly with retailers and affiliate networks to provide to you the internet’s very best deals, coupons, coupon codes, and discounts. Watch the video to view and listen to our history.

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If you are interested in Advertising on MyCoupons, contact a sales representative.  MyCoupons is part of the Wolfe.com, LLC family of companies.  We are located in McHenry, MD.  If you need to contact someone within our organization, please go to our Contact Us page.


We want to be the world’s leading website and service to provide people the best quality coupons, coupon codes, and discounts; for the largest array of retailers.


We exist to provide to users of our website and service, coupons, coupon codes, and discounts.  We do the work to provide the best coupons, coupon codes and discounts from one source so our users do not have to search multiple websites for coupons.


We value modesty, integrity, sincerity, truthfulness, usefulness, fairness, and friendliness when dealing with fellow employees, clients, and users of our website.

MyCoupons.com has been helping people save money and merchants promote their businesses since 1995.  We were originally known as CouponsDirect, check out our old site. At that time we had one employee (our founder).

Our initial vision was to help bridge the gap between brick and mortar retailers and the then very new World Wide Web by helping these retailers list their coupons online, on a local level. As we grew, we began to index more and more coupons. Our original vision evolved to include creating the largest available index of coupons. In support of this new vision, we changed our site name to CouponDirectory in 1997, check out the site at that time. We grew to 5 employees…
As we continued to evolve, we were able to grow a very large online coupon community, with millions of members. At the time, it was the largest and only one of its kind in the world. In 1999, we purchased the domain name MyCoupons.com to support our expanded vision of combining a comprehensive coupon directory with a thriving community. We raised $500,000 from Internet.com Venture Fund and we grew to 40 employees….

In 2000, we were fortunate enough to have multiple potential buyers. In the end, we sold MyCoupons to a Valassis subsidiary, Save.com. At the time, it was the largest online coupon related business sale with an estimated value at $23 million in a five year deal. Unfortunately, the market crashed a few months later and the deal unraveled… Following Save.com’s subsequent decline into bankruptcy, we were able to re-acquire MyCoupons. As the marketplace changed, and the dot com bubble burst, our parent company at the time (Direct Response Technologies, Inc.) began to focus on technology related services including DirectTrack and KeywordMax. MyCoupons was transitioned into a self service model, with little executive attention. Our once thriving community started to quickly decline…..
In the first quarter of 2006, Direct Response Technologies, Inc was sold to Digital River (NASDAQ: DRIV), and MyCoupons was repurchased by our founder from DRIV following the transaction. Since then, MyCoupons has undergone a radical transformation. MyCoupons was virtually dead, but our founder made significant investments to allow us to grow the team in support of a new vision.

MyCoupons® – The world’s oldest online coupon site is quickly regaining the leadership position it once held by building upon a proud history of innovation. Stay tuned for more…

Your friends at MyCoupons, LLC. A member of the Wolfe.com family of companies.