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Save Some Gold this St. Patrick’s Day

  March has been deemed Irish American month, but more notably, March 17th is a day in which the Irish and non-Irish celebrate Ireland’s heritage and history. People countrywide will be throwing parties in honor of the Patron Saint Patrick of Ireland and these festivities can become costly. If your family is anything like mine, [...]

Saving Strategy for Dining Out

  Let’s face it; sometimes eating out is just more fun. Taking a night off in the kitchen to enjoy something that someone else cooks for you, often just hits the spot in more ways than one. Whether you and your family treat yourselves once in a while or you make a routine of it, [...]

Entertain Your Wallet

  What do you do for fun? Or maybe the question in this day and age becomes, what can’t you do for fun? Entertainment is all around us and more accessible than ever.  The power of the internet has enabled many of the things we love to do, to become easier to enjoy and for [...]

Hey Ladies, You Are Not Off the Hook This Valentine’s Day!

Most women enjoy Valentine’s Day because it is a day that your special someone goes above and beyond his normal romance routine. We all love to be pampered with gifts, getaways, massages and more, but how do we thank our guys in return? They won’t get giddy over a heart shaped box of chocolates, they [...]

Attention Men: Easy Tips to Win Her Heart this Valentine’s Day

  You have a little over 2 weeks to find the perfect gift for your lovely lady. You don’t want to be the guy who gives last minute flowers from the grocery store or the one who picks up a tacky chocolate heart from the drugstore. (Don’t get me wrong, women love flowers and chocolate [...]

The Winter Blues Don’t Have to Feel So Cold

As I begin to pack for my annual ski trip up north, I’m reminded of all of fun times I have shared with my friends and family over the years.  For me, winter has always been a highly anticipated season.  I love to ski, sled ride with my niece, go 4 wheeling, ice skate, and [...]

New Year’s Resolutions: 3 Money Saving Tips for a Healthy 2014

Most of us have already cheated on our diets, skipped the gym, and pretty much given up on our New Year’s resolutions.  If you still are eager to change and need a little extra motivation, we are here to help! Plus, you still have eleven months left to get it right. Don’t fret, just follow [...]

Preserve Your Holiday Memories For Less

    The holidays have come and gone, and, if you’re like many of us, you’ve made a resolution to become more financially sound in the new year. If 2014 means frugality for you, then MyCoupons and our very own CSO have many tips up our sleeve when it comes to saving money. But don’t [...]

Saving Money On Your Holiday Spending

Holiday shopping doesn’t need to run you broke. Don’t break the bank this Christmas when shopping for gifts to satisfy everyone on your list. First, you should always check MyCoupons.com for coupons and promo codes before you shop. Secondly, you should also be aware of any sales, clearances, or promotions that your favorite stores are [...]

Warm Up With Hot Savings for Winter

Tis’ the season for frosty temperatures and falling snow. With MyCoupons, you can now warm up with hot savings on winter outwear. Whether you snowboard, ski, or just like to build the occasional snowman, you’ll surely need to bundle up as cooler winter weather approaches many in the United States. The lucky ones who don’t [...]