Formed in 1995, MyCoupons® is the
Internet's oldest coupon website.

About MyCoupons®

As the first coupon site on the internet we have always done the hard work of finding the best coupons, coupon codes and discounts from across the web and collecting them all in one place for you. We strive to be the world's leading provider of discounts for the largest array of retailers


History of MyCoupons® has been helping people save money and merchants promote their businesses since 1995. Originally known as CouponsDirect, our founding principal was to help bridge the gap between brick and mortar retailers and the fledgling World Wide Web by helping retailers list their coupons online for everyone to access. Our original vision evolved to include creating the largest available index of coupons and sales. In support of this changing vision, we changed our site name to CouponDirectory in 1997. We grew to 5 employees…

As we continued to grow, we were able to create a thriving online coupon community with millions of members. At the time, it was the largest and only one of its kind in the world. In 1999 we purchased the domain name to support our expanded vision of combining a comprehensive coupon directory with a thriving community. We raised $500,000 from Venture Fund and we grew to 40 employees…

In 2000, we sold MyCoupons® to Valassis a subsidiary of At the time, it was the largest online coupon related business sale with an estimated value at $20+ million in a five-year deal. A few months later the market crashed and we were able to re-acquire MyCoupons® from After the dot-com bubble burst the market evolved and MyCoupons® was transitioned into a self-service model later being sold to Digital River as part of a package of properties including: DirectTrack and KeywordMax.

In 2006 the MyCoupons® property was repurchased by our founder from Digital River.

Today, MyCoupons® – The world's first online coupon site is quickly regaining the leadership position it once held by building upon a proud history of innovation. In 2017 we launched a brand new site design and are seeing steady growth. Stay tuned for more!

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