All About Money

By: Francesca Fiori

You see something you like in a store. Maybe it’s a cool new video game, maybe it’s the latest toy that everyone is talking about, or maybe it’s the latest CD by your favorite artist. Whatever it is you must have it! When you pick it up and take it to the cashier, they will expect payment in the form of money. And that’s what this article is about: money!

On a daily basis, we need to have money and we need to use money. From the simple daily needs such as food buying from the supermarket or a restaurant to other uses such as buying an automobile, buying a new laptop, buying a new cell phone or for adults, buying a new house, all of these needs take money. Sure you can save money with promo codes or coupons but money has been around for centuries in one form or another as a source of currency.

In older times instead of money, people would barter with merchants and try to trade for items. For example, if you needed to buy ready-made clothes, if you are a farmer you could trade crops that were grown on the farm or livestock that are raised on the farm. This was done for many years until a system of currency was implemented. Instead of trading for goods or services, people began to purchase them with money!

There is a lot to learn about money: how it came about, how to save money for something you want to purchase, how to spend your money wisely, counting money and a host of other uses. We have collected a number of resources including some fun and educational games and activities to help kids learn all about money. So, Mom, Dad and kids, we hope you enjoy learning about money!

History of Money

  • The History of Money – Informative collection of information and resources from the Library of Congress on the history of money over the years.
  • Nova’s History of Money – Companion website and information for the PBS program which covers the history of money over the course of 10,000 years.
  • History of the United States Mint – Educational website from the U.S. Department of Treasury which provides information on the history of currency printing in the United States.
  • Money for Kids – Useful government site providing a variety of resources for elementary school aged kids teaching them about money and its history.

Saving Money

Spending Money Wisely

  • Kids and Money – Useful article providing parents with information that can be used to teach children how to spend their money smartly.
  • Children and Money – Basic ideas on how to talk to children about the value of money and how to save and spend it wisely.
  • Smart Money Management (PDF) – Informative article from the FDIC aimed at providing information for teens on how to be smart with their money.
  • Just for Kids – Information and resources for kids on a number of money topics including spending money cautiously.

Online Money Games and Activities

  • Kids Games – Educational and informative games from the Treasury Department providing fun ways to learn about money.
  • Mad Money – Fun page from PBS with a game to try to save money for a purchase that you want to make.
  • Educational Games and Resources – Helpful information and fun games which will provide children with an easy way to learn about money and finance.

Money Lesson Plans

  • Money Lesson Plans – Collection of lesson plans which can help teach about money from Kindergarten on up.
  • Lesson Plans – Educational resources for teachers in a variety of age groups with lesson plans on how to teach money concepts.
  • Counting Money Lesson Plans – Helpful websites which can assist in teaching children how to count money through fun activities.
  • Money Worksheets and Lesson Plans – Resourceful page with a number of activities and documents which can be used to teach about money.
  • Money Plans – Informative resource which has a number of helpful links of lesson plans.

Finance for Kids

Money Resources

  • The Money Page – Information and resources with many helpful links about money.
  • Kids and Money Resources – Resourceful information for kids with money and money management sites.
  • Kids Money – Informative page with articles and resources on money and teaching kids to save and spend wisely.
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