11 Tips on How to Pack for Airplane Travel like a Pro

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While there may not be any museums or galleries celebrating it, there is a definite art to packing your luggage. Trying to pack a bag for a flight can be especially challenging, and is a skill we’re always looking to improve.

Your first step is to check your airline’s website to see their official requirements (quantity of bags allowed, size/weight restrictions…you might even be entitled to a free checked bag!). Next, go ahead and read some of these less obvious ideas on how to make the most out of your luggage.

Checked Bag

  • Invest in a hardshell suitcase. A suitcase with a hardshell is basically guaranteed to protect whatever kind of luggage you are traveling with. Don’t believe this is a major concern? Just watch luggage getting thrown on a plane once or twice, and you’ll start to prioritize this too.
  • Tie some unique, identifying object to the handle. It can be a ribbon, bright duct tape, even a cheap loofah. Never again look down the baggage claim and wonder whether or not that bag is actually yours or just a look alike.
  • Don’t fold clothes…roll them! Obviously you’re not going to want to roll up a tuxedo, but t-shirts and shorts will take up much less room if you roll them and pack tight instead of folding.
  • Pack clothes wisely. Put all of the clothes you’re planning to pack on your bed first, and ask yourself some simple questions: will I wear this multiple times? Does this go with multiple outfits? Is this made of a thicker/heavier product than a replacement would be?
  • Leave extra room when starting your trip. Often on your travels, you’ll discover some locally treasured food or piece of clothing you can’t say “no” to bringing home. Not using every single square inch available when initially packing will help leave room for these finds.
  • Consider using vacuum bags. While typically not needed for shorter trips, these handy room-savers can do wonders towards consolidating your luggage, especially clothes. However, make sure there is a vacuum at your destination so you can reclaim that space when repacking!
  • Bring (multiple) plastic, grocery bags. These take up very little room, but can be useful in separating dirty laundry or any wet clothes you might accumulate on your travels. Because they don’t take up much room, you might as well be prepared!

Carry On/Personal Item

  • Keep your carry-on light. Do you really expect to read through three books on your two-hour flight? And how often do you actually use shampoo on the plane? Put these in your checked bag to avoid the hassle.
  • With that being said…be prepared. There is nothing worse than losing your checked bag and going deodorant-free for longer than you (or anyone else) wants. It might be a good idea to put some emergency necessities in your carry on.
  • Put liquids in a ziplock bag. Ideally, you can put these in your checked bag. If that’s not an option, though, keep your liquids together and accessible to avoid the added hassle of hunting them down in the security line. This also greatly reduces the chances of spilling or staining your belongings.
  • Bag-ception. If your go-to purse or bag is below average size, don’t waste your personal item on something so small. Just put the smaller item in a bigger bag (that still meets carry on bag size regulations) to allow more packing options.

These were our favorite tips out there, but we’re always looking to learn more, so share your packing lifehacks with us below!

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