5 Reasons Why Ice Cream Is The Best

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I present you with two of THE most beautiful words in the English language: ice cream. Doesn’t it just roll off your tongue? Morning, noon or night, this frozen treat is always there for you.  Ice cream is even better when it is bought with a coupon and money is saved.

I think it’s quite obvious why ice cream is the best. But in case you’re the poor soul who has any doubt, here are five reasons why you should jump on the ice cream train.

  1. It Can Be Eaten For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner
    Add a scoop of ice cream to your morning waffles. What about an ice cream sandwich for lunch? Give your coffee some life and add a spoonful of ice cream to your cup of joe for an afternoon pick-me-up.
  2. Unlimited Flavors
    I’m talking Heath bar, chocolate, spumoni, sweet corn, strawberry, lavender honey…and the list continues. There’s literally a flavor for anyone. And, really, any mood.
  3. Toppings Galore
    Sprinkles, syrup, candy. Whipped cream, fruit, cookies. Need I can continue?
  4. Different Styles To Fit Your Mood
    I can’t get enough. From soft serve all the way to rolled, bring.it.on.
  5. Nice Cream
    Hold the dairy, please! Thanks to nut milk, you can now enjoy dairy-free treats that are made with coconuts, almonds or cashews. Look for them in your grocery store’s ice cream section.

Now if this doesn’t put you in the mood for ice cream I don’t know what will.

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