Twelve 30-Day-Challenges for the New Year

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While Christmas truly is “the most wonderful time of the year,” don’t get so distracted by it that you forget about New Year’s arriving the following week, or that dreaded question that is sure to follow…

“What is your resolution for this year?”

Most of us will agree that having a resolution is a good practice to get in, but it can be so hard to choose one! In an attempt to help make this process simpler, we have collected some of our favorite 30-Day-Challenges to inspire you. You could even try a different one each month!

  • Try quitting a bad habit. Whether it’s smoking, sweets, or swearing, chances are we all have developed some habits that we wish weren’t true about us. Try giving yours up for a month and proving that life is okay without it!
  • Send an encouraging note/text everyday. Who doesn’t love to receive the random encouraging word? Make a point to say something nice to somebody each day, and hopefully they pick up the habit as well. For an extra challenge, try to make it a new person everyday!
  • Give up TV or social media. This is one of the more eye-opening challenges out there. It is shocking to take either of these out of your normal routine, and realize just how much time you commit to them. Try reading a book or picking up a new hobby (like finding coupon codes) as a replacement.
  • Choose a meal to eat something different for everyday. It can be easy to slip into the same routine of eating Cheerios every morning, or ordering a pizza after a long day. Find a good cook book and (literally) spice your life up!
  • Listen to audiobooks/podcasts instead of music. Take a look at Spotify’s wrapped analysis of your listening habits; it’s shocking how many minutes you spent in 2017 listening to music! Try something new to listen to on your commute to work.
  • Give being a morning person a try. Ever feel jealous of those people that are able to smile in the mornings? Look into having an earlier bedtime and a more structured sleeping pattern, and maybe you can start smiling too.
  • Keep a journal. Everyone that keeps a journal will tell you about the positive impact it has in their life. Committing to just a month can be a good way to get your feet wet and see if it lives up to the hype (Don’t be afraid to look up some helpful tips to get you started).
  • Exercise. No resolution list is complete without some mention of working out, right? Try changing your pattern up; maybe one week you focus on lifting, then running, even yoga. You could surprise yourself with what you enjoy!
  • No devices in the bedroom. Believe it or not, this is one of the best ways to improve your quality of sleep. And yes, that means you can’t have your phone plugged in next to your bed (don’t worry, your alarm clock works as an alarm too).
  • Find a way to express your creativity daily. Maybe you’re an artist than can paint a new painting everyday, or a writer than can work daily on new poetry. We all have our own gifts, so make time in your routine to explore yours!
  • Learn something new everyday. How did the sport of basketball start? Why is Nashville the country music hub of the world? This one can be as simple as diligently learning the word of the day. Explore areas that interest you, and find some new ones along the way!
  • Get outside. Eat breakfast outside one morning. Maybe if you live in a city, you can try to walk the streets and find a new favorite spot. Take the dog out for a walk more frequently. This might be a challenge to hold off on until summer, though!

Have any favorites that we missed? Share them below!

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