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  • About Amazing Socks

    Oh no, it's happened, woe is me...
    I just now checked the laun_de_ry!
    A pile of socks adorns my home,
    But every single one alone :(

    Yes, none do match there is no pair
    Looked on the stairs and on the chair
    I found some gum, and some cat hair
    A quarter, and some underwear

    Despite these treasures that abound,
    Not one matching sock I've found
    I wonder where the critters go....
    Hawaii, Vegas, Mexico?

    I would  feel like a total jerk,
    Wearing mismatched socks to work
    I've checked the wok, the deck, the clock,
    Oh wherefore art thou, blasted sock?

    Right now, before I do forget,
    I'll log on to the internet
    Amazing Socks is where I'll go,
    Oh thank you, thank you, Coupon Pro!

    And you too can be like me,
    With brand new matching hoisery,
    So click the link and save some money!
    (I hope you've found this poem funny)

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