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  • About BabyLegs

    In early 2005 an ingenious young mother was faced with a real life problem.  Diaper rash.  Any mom knows that diaper rash takes time to heal and one of the critical healing salves is fresh air.  For those of you living in the tropics this might not be a problem, but for much of the world an equal concern is your baby's warmth.  Posed with these conflicting issues, our inspired mom cam up with one of the most inspired creations of all time.  BabyLegs! 

    These protective yet fashionable leg warmers not only protect your precious baby from the elements, make diaper changing and potty training a snap, protect your baby's knees while crawling, but also look super cool in the process!!  What started out as a young mom's solution to her baby's diaper rash has turned into a global baby phenomena.  Making BabyLegs an essential to any newborn's wardrobe.  Please check out our awesome deals to see how you can save on your own pair of BabyLegs!

BabyLegs brand logo
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