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    More than Hope

    A popular expression speaks of hope springing eternally. That is a great thought for many baseball fans. As each Spring arrives, new hopes and expectations for their favorite baseball team become the topic of much conversation. It is the nature of the game that dozens of teams fail to make it to the World Series each year. For the fans of those teams, each season begins with the hope that this will be the season to win it all.

    Every year, the debate is renewed about which sport is America's favorite, with the issue always coming down to a choice between the professional sports of baseball and football. Many try to compare gross revenues, number of fans, and even television ratings. Some analysts look at memorabilia and team souvenir sales, where baseball savings coupons and baseball savings promo code opportunities influence sales.

    A Personal Choice

    The reality is that the debate misses the point. America is a country of avid fans of many sports and activities. Which one may be the favorite by the standard of dollars or fans has no bearing on the individual fan's perspective. Choosing one's favorite sport often has as much to do with memories as it does anything else. Anyone who spent part of Spring or Summer sitting in the bleachers with Dad will always smile when that organ blasts out its stirring notes.

    Generations share a tradition of the seventh-inning stretch and hot dogs at the stadium. Today's new fans use baseball savings coupons and baseball savings promo code opportunities to get great tickets and buy the jersey of a new hero. For some, the chance to play hooky from work and catch an afternoon game is one of life's special treats. Win or lose, some teams attract fans simply because they bring a little sunshine into the memories of their youth.

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