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Drugstore.com is an online health and beauty care retail establishment. It offers prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, make-up, health supplements, gifts, and everything in between. Its goal is to save you money on items you use the most and it accomplishes this, in part, with Drugstore.com coupons. It was launched in 1999 and quickly partnered with Rite Aid pharmacies in order to distribute prescription drugs. Since March of 2011 Drugstore.com has been owned by Walgreens, who also currently distributes prescription drug orders for Drugstore.com customers.

One way that drugstore.com works to save you money is by offering its flexible spending account store. This is a special section of their website that offers over 4,000 items that are most likely to be eligible for use with a medical flexible spending account, health reimbursement account, or health savings account. It also helps you track your qualifying purchases and gives recommendations to help consumers make the most of their healthcare or flexible spending account dollars. With the FSA store you can search by category, brand, or price range.

In addition to helping your dollars stretch further with the FSA store, at times a Drugstore.com coupon code is also available. Another section of the website also lets you know what items are on sale by brand or category, and if there are any Drugstore.com coupons available for use. A clearance section of the website is offered as well. Consumers can sign up for exclusive money saving email offers and also use the current Drugstore.com coupon code to help save even more money on their purchases.

Drugstore.com offers many other items above and beyond what you would expect to find in a normal pharmacy. Here you can purchase contact lenses, GNC products, gifts, and many items for moms and babies. Drugstore.com has everything you can find in a brick and mortar pharmacy and more.

Drugstore.com brand logo

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