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  • About Mouseflow

    Web analytics is a very important aspect of Internet marketing. It allows you to determine who visits your websites and how they get there and where they go to when they leave. However, most of the analytics tools do not show how visitors interact with your website. This provides no insight as to what visitors are looking for on your site, what forms they use, what they click on, how they navigate and more. Fortunately, Mouseflow delivers all that, and with Mouseflow coupons, you can save money as you employ the service.

    Web Analytics and Live Click Tracking

    Analytics tools provide information about site visitors. Although Google provides this service for free via their Google Analytics application, it lacks a variety of important features. For example, webmasters cannot determine whether the visitors are actually reading the content on the website or clicking on the Add-To-Cart button. This is where the click tracking service, a feature you can get at discount price with Mouseflow promo codes, comes into play.

    By recording where visitors usually hover and click, webmasters can better decide whether the site needs to have a different layout. Determining where to place the buttons is crucial. If customers cannot find the "buy" buttons, they are usually going to find another website.

    Service Discounts

    You can get reliable Mouseflow coupons from MyCoupons, an online service that provides a lot of discount information on a variety of products and services on the Internet. With Mouseflow promo codes, you can get live click tracking and analytics services while saving money.

    Learn how you can further optimize the content, design and navigation of your site. You get recordings of website visits where you can see the actual mouse button in action. Check where most visitors usually click, how they interact with the website design and layout, and how long they stay on a single page. You can get these services at discount price by using Mouseflow coupons.

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