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  • About Sun & Ski

    One of the leading retailers of snow and water sports gear, Sun & Ski started off as Tennis & Ski Warehouse in 1980. The chain is Texas-based with 24 locations in ten different states. The company has a loyal following of customers who participate in a range of outdoor activities. Sun & Ski carries inventory for a variety of summer and winter sports including skiing, kayaking, wakeboarding, snowboarding and many more.

    To outfit its customers in these sports and activities, Sun & Ski carries the leading brands and manufacturers. Regular seasonal clearances with discounts, including Sun & Ski coupons and Sun & Ski coupon codes, are held in the retail stores and the company's popular website. Many first-time visitors to the site receive Sun & Ski promo codes to encourage online purchases.

    Sun & Ski is aggressive in providing a seamless connection between its online offerings and the physical stores. The stores provide maintenance services that cover skis, snowboards, bikes and other items sold in the stores. The store personnel are also trained to provide tips about the various products and sports.

    The website carries all of the products available in the stores, as well as additional items. There are also interactive packing lists and buying guides for the different categories of gear. Sales and promotional activities between the two are carefully coordinated.

    Sun & Ski is an excellent example of a bricks-and-mortar retailer that sees the Internet as a positive addition to its traditional retail operations.

    The company uses Sun & Ski coupons and Sun & Ski coupon codes to build traffic between the two business segments. It also provides Sun & Ski promo codes in online promotions to promote the websites and various seasonal specials.

Sun & Ski brand logo
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