Craftsman, why they are the best

By: Francesca Fiori

As the most trusted tool brand in America, Craftsman has been helping people to fix or build just about anything. Not only does the company sell tools and the like, but they also offer help and assistance to guide you on building different things. One thing that I had wanted to make for my husband was a serving tray. I thought that it was simple enough that I could do it, and then he could use it in the living room when he was watching basketball. I figured that I would (instead of buying it somewhere) take on the challenge of making it myself. I knew it would show him that not only am I thoughtful, but also that this girl has mad skills!

I got together everything that I’d need to make the tray, because I absolutely hate not having everything within arm’s reach. I had my husbands table saw, clamps, biscuit jointer, compound miter saw and router with a round-over bit. Those are the tools I learned that I was going to need, so if you are going to attempt to make one as well, I would make sure you have them on hand. As far as other things that are needed, I grabbed some handles I thought he would like (metal with some designs on them), wood glue, 8’1x4 Pine (or you can use Poplar), 4’1x6 Pine (or Poplar yet again), 3/8 Dowels (or you can use plugs), #20 biscuits, and then 1 1/6 wood screws. It takes a little bit of time, but being prepared when it comes to building always pays off and saves you time.

Once I had everything together, I re-watched the Craftsman video that was posted on their website about how to make it yet again. It was made by a guy named Jeff Devlin from the Drill Team. He kept it pretty simple and easy to follow and it ended up being less difficult than I had imagined. I am only a newcomer to the building scene and doing things myself is not always second nature. However, I have learned that if you take the time to watch and learn from others, use patience and your brain, you have a good chance at succeeding.

Although throughout the entire process, my husband was laughing hysterically at me for ‘watching man videos’, he wasn’t laughing when I handed him his new wood serving tray. I actually surprised him with it on our anniversary as I walked into the living room where he was drinking his coffee and I brought him some breakfast on it. He asked me where I bought the tray and I said you’re looking at the maker. He just about fell off the couch, but he uses it every day now and that’s fine by me.

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