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1. What do I do with a coupon once I find one that I’d like to use?

When you find a coupon code that meets your purchase requirements, highlight and copy the code to your clipboard. You should then click on the actual code from the MyCoupons website. This will send you to the merchant’s home page, or the page where a particular item might be featured. Once you’ve added the necessary items to your cart you will be directed to their online check out. During this process, you will see a coupon code or promotional box where you can then paste the code that you previously copied and apply it to your purchase. If the offer is still valid, you will see the savings immediately. If you do not, the code is either expired or you did not meet the purchase requirements, e.g. if your purchase was less than $50 on a 10% off of $50 offer.


2. What if I come to a page and don’t see any coupon CODES, only "Click to Claim" options?

Sometimes merchants will have actual discount CODES that can be added to code or promotional boxes during the checkout process, but sometimes they promote sales or deals through links. Clicking on "Click to Claim" will either automatically apply a discount to your shopping cart or it will send you directly to the page where the discount is being featured. If the offer is still valid, you will see the savings during the check out process.

3. What if an offer is expired?

Coupon codes are a very shared and viral source of savings. Often we have codes submitted to our site from members who are unsure of expiration dates or discount restrictions. We do our best to keep things up to date and accurate, but sometimes a code will expire without our knowledge. If you happen to enter a code during your checkout that is expired or broken, please let us know in the form provided here! We will do our best to remove the offer and look into finding you something new to use. Usually our merchants have more than one discount, so if one doesn’t work, you can always try another!

4. Can I use two codes during a checkout?

More often than not codes are not stackable, meaning only one can be used per transaction. If you try to apply 2 during the checkout process, you will most likely be prompted that only one is valid at a time. However, some codes CAN be stacked. Usually we will inform you of this in the coupon description. Many times stacking is a trial and error process.

5. What if a code says "One time use only"?

Often stores will promote a code or discount that is only allowed to be redeemed by the same mailing address (shopper) once. If you’ve already used the code, it will not work again.

6. What if a coupon says "Restrictions Apply"?

Stores are allowed to discount the majority of products in their stores, but often some brands or items are not included in this bunch. If you are checking out and a code or link will not work, you most likely have an item in your cart that is unable to be discounted. Most major brands fall into these kinds of restrictions. We try to highlight these for you when we can.

7. What if the store I’m searching for does not have any coupons on your site?

If you come to a page and do not see any discounts, either the merchant’s offers have expired or they are not offering any that we know about at the time. This is where the value of our couponing community comes in! If you find a code that we don’t have, help us grow our community by sharing it with all of your friends on MyCoupons (see FAQ #12!)

8. What if I search for a store and do not find it on your site?

If you cannot find a store on our site it could mean one of 2 things. Either that particular store does not offer online discounts, or we do not currently have a marketing partnership with them. Please let us know if there is a store we don’t have that you would like to see.

9. Do the coupons have expiration dates?

Yes, the coupon codes change often. We will make sure that you have the very best and most up-to-date offers listed here on MyCoupons. If for some reason, you find an expired code on our site, please help your coupon community and click the link to report it as invalid.

10. How many coupon codes do you have, and where do they come from?

MyCoupons is the largest source of coupon codes in the world. We currently have over 55,805 coupon codes on site, most of which are submitted daily by our members. We search the web as well as work directly with merchants to find the best coupons for you.

11. Why should I use MyCoupons to find and share coupon codes?

Plain and simple – to save money. We search the Internet, and we have advertisers interested in giving to you the best coupon codes available. With MyCoupons, you get all the coupon code you NEED, without the hassle of searching or browsing the Internet. We hope you will always visit MyCoupons first, before you shop online.

12. How do I share a Coupon Code?

To share a new coupon code simply click the link "Share" from within the Coupon. You can also go to a particular store page and click the link to share a coupon code for that store. See all of our stores here or use the search to easily find a particular store.

13. How do I receive the MyCoupons Newsletter?

When you join, you will have the option to receive the weekly MyCoupons Newsletter. Your email address will only be used to communicate regarding your MyCoupons account or for sending our weekly newsletter to you. Your email address will never be shared with any third-parties unless you explicity request that we share it. Our privacy policy is located here.

14. Can you provide me with offers if I live in Canada or outside the USA?

Most of the coupons are good for only US residents, however about 30% of the coupons and offers are good globally.

15. Is there a membership fee?

No. This is a FREE service.

16. How do I register to become a member?

If you already have an account, simply login at /.

17. Will you share my email address with someone else?

No, we always will ask if you would like to have opt-in BEFORE sending you anything from MyCoupons and its clients. We vow never to share your email address with anyone you do not approve first… period.

18. How do I become a partner of

If you can contribute to the growth of our online community or would like to have access to our content to share with your users, simply Contact Us. Be sure to include some information about the website or sites that you would use to make use of the content. It is also helpful to have a general idea of how you would like to use the content and how many web users your site currently services.

19. How do I advertise with

MyCoupons has partnered with thousands of top merchants, because users come to MyCoupons first, before they shop. To make sure you don’t miss out click here and find out more and sign up today.

If you did not find the answer to your MyCoupons questions Contact Us.

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