Garden Basics For Kids

By: Francesca Fiori

Did you know that whenever you eat yummy fruits and vegetables that someone had to grow them for you? In fact, you can also grow your own fresh foods! Making a garden is a fun outdoor activity and it’s easy enough for kids to master. Through this guide, you’ll learn all about the basic elements that plants need to survive, how to care for them, and help them grow better. We’ll also have a look at tools, techniques and exciting garden projects.

Picking a Spot

Read about how to find the perfect spot outdoors for your new garden.

It is important to make sure that your plants receive the correct amounts of water, light, warmth, soil and nutrients in order for them to be healthy.

Get to Know Your Plants

Learn what each part of the plant is and what it does. Can you identify these parts as the plants grow in the garden?

What is Germination? (PDF)

While the plants start growing outdoors, try growing a few beans in a jar to see exactly how they start to change over time.

Tools for Gardening

Look at some pictures of the main tools required for gardening and learn their names and what they are used for.

Making Grow Cards

Find out how to make a special card or ornament that grows into a plant!

Hydroponics for Kids

Did you know that you can grow plants in water instead of soil?

All About Weeds

Learn why weeds are bad for your garden and how to get rid of them.

Make an Alphabet Garden

Check out a guide on how to cultivate one plant for each letter of the alphabet in your garden!

A Salsa Garden Project (PDF)

Find out all you need to know to make a garden containing the basic ingredients for a delicious home-made salsa.

Pizza Gardens

See which herbs and vegetables you need to make a delicious pizza garden, and learn how to grow them.

Creating seed tape is a very easy way of ensuring that the seeds are planted at regular intervals in your garden.

Mini Terrariums

A terrarium is like a very miniature garden that can be grown in a jar or a small bottle.

Build a Compost Heap

All of your plant clippings, along with certain organic materials from the kitchen, can be naturally recycled to create healthy, rich soil for your garden. 

Growing House Plants

If the weather in your area is too harsh, you can build a little garden with house plants indoors too.

Hot Potatoes!

Follow an easy tutorial to grow your very own crop of potato plants.

Gardening Tips for Kids

Review a list of important tips and advice so that you can have the best garden on the block!

Gardening in All Seasons

We can be involved in gardening activities around the year, from planning to nurturing and harvesting.

How to Use Cuttings

You don’t always have to start plants from seeds. Instead, you can cut a piece of one plant and use that to create an entirely new plant!

Crazy Plant Facts

We use plants for a whole lot more than simply eating. You can create dyes and even cloth from plants.

Coloring Flowers

In this exciting project, you won’t need crayons to color a bouquet of real flowers! 

Learn all about gardening, weeds and insects in this fun-filled activity and coloring book, just for kids.

Herbs are excellent little plants that add tremendous flavor to our meals. With this project, you’ll learn how to create a whole garden of them indoors.

Carrot Gardening Projects

Learn about a few very different ways to grow carrots, including a hanging garden!

Gardening Activity Pages

Download some useful activity pages and tutorials for kids that cover all the basics (and more!) of gardening for kids.

Plant Project Ideas

Look through a great list of projects that can be done with plants and in the garden.

Butterfly Gardens

Find out which types of plants and flowers are best for attracting scores of beautiful butterflies to your garden.

Pests: Good or Bad?

You might find certain bugs, insects, or even animals in your garden and it is good to know which ones help or harm the plants.

Germinate an Avocado Seed

The next time mom makes guacamole at home, ask her to save the huge seeds and then plant them. 

Plant Growth Log Sheet (PDF)

Print this log sheet and use it to keep track of your notes and measurements of the plant’s changes over several weeks.

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