Learning Games for Kids

By: Francesca Fiori

As a kid, you spend a lot of time in school learning about new and interesting things that you'll be able to use for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, sometimes, what you're learning or how it's being taught isn't very interesting. That can make it hard to learn everything that you need to know. But there are ways to make even the most boring topics exciting. When lessons are combined with games, you can learn and practice the things that you need to know and have fun doing it. A lot of learning games can be played at home on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. They can include favorite characters from TV or unknown creatures from outer space. There are so many educational games to play that it can feel like you're hardly studying at all!

Sid the Science Kid: Super Duper Antibodies Game

Learn how antibodies help the body fight off viruses by clicking this link and playing the fun game on this page.


Practice your math skills using numbered tiles when you click on this exciting learning game that gets faster and harder as you level up.

Count's Number Ride

Kids who click this page can learn with the Count by playing this online game that teaches you to trace numbers using a mouse and also encourages you to write them down using pencil, crayon, and paper.

Math Picture Puzzles

Click to play a matching math picture puzzle.

Rainforest Rescue

Have fun learning and practicing Spanish when you join Dora and her friends in this interactive game from Nick Jr.

Mummy Maker

With this game from the BBC, you can learn how bodies were prepared for mummification as you work in a virtual embalmer's workshop and attempt to complete their tasks perfectly.

Dinosaur Center

Kids who visit this page can help unscramble the exhibits by clicking on and moving the dinosaur names to the correct set of bones.

Math Lines

When you play this game, you'll have fun while you're improving your math skills and mastering addition facts.

Nouns and Verbs

Practice identifying and using nouns and verbs with this game that involves a monkey, monsters, and ice cream.

Grammar Gorillas

Feed bananas to the gorillas by helping them complete sentences by identifying the correct part of speech. This game is suitable for kids in grades 2 to 6.

Waffle Word Game

Click this link to play this educational word skills game in which players have two minutes to identify as many words as possible.

Virtual Butterfly Garden

Visit this page to color and catch butterflies in different habitats in this virtual garden. This game is appropriate for kids between 6 and 9 years old.


It's important to learn new languages, and by clicking this link, you can learn the words for different colors in Spanish. The game has several options for players to choose from.

Human Body

Six-to-8-year-olds who visit this page can play this animated game and learn about parts of the body while matching words with the different parts.

Do the Math: Calculator Hopscotch

Parents magazine explains how to turn hopscotch into a fun outdoor math game.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Click on this link to play a game that teaches you about patterns.

Math Facts Game: Race for Math

Try out this racing game, which is a lot more fun when you play with friends!

What's on Your Plate, Kids?

Nutrition is important to good health, and this game can help teach you about the different food groups. Can you get a perfect score on the Yum-O-Meter?

Challenge: Robots!

This challenging game on the NationalGeographic website lets you learn about building robots. Maybe you'll even decide that you want to build robots when you grow up!

Market Manager

Learn about marketing and sales by pretending to be the owner of an ice cream company by clicking on this link.

Keyman Aquamaze

Click this link and you can work on your typing skills while playing this fun ocean-based treasure game.

Solar System Explorer

NASA offers this fun multi-game activity that lets you explore the solar system or go on missions.

Meteor Multiplication Game

Fight meteors before they destroy the star station by solving multiplication problems when playing this math game that's out of this world!

Candy Challenge

Visit this page to take on the candy challenge by solving algebra problems and filling up all of the jars at the Candy Shop.

Treasure Hunt

Learning about money is fun when you play a pirate in search of coins lost under the sea in this swashbuckling money game.

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